our services

Thai Massage

A full body massage that helps releasing stress, boosts energy, improves rage of motion and reduces muscle soreness.

Hot Stone Massage

The heat, released by the lava stones, will ease muscle tensions and pain by increasing blood flow.

Thai Aroma oil Massage

The Thai Massage lighter version. Thanks to the all natural used oils the massage is relaxing and will smooth your skin.

Candle Massage

Warm melted special candle wax prepared with essential and scented oils will provide a great sense of relaxation.

Neck, Back or Foot Massage

Back and neck pains are today's most recurrent health issues. We will help you releasing tension and remove the pain.

Thai Warrior Massage

This unique massage technique is a combination between traditional Thai massage and yoga massage.

Anti Migraine Massage

By stimulating specific pressure points, we will reduce tensions and re-establish a healthier cerebrospinal fluid flow.

Deep Tissue or Sport Massage

Deep Tissue or Sport Massage are most indicated to treat muscle  pain, reduce scar tissue and tension in muscles and tissues.

Swedish Massage

The Swedish Massage stimulate blood circulation, releases tight muscles, restores range of motion and relieves pain.

Massage Gift Cards

Looking for a great present for your beloved and friends? Offer them some time off to heel their body and soul.