Neck, Back oR reflexology foot Massage


The back and neck-shoulder massage is a great substitute to a complete body massage when you are short on time. The massage focuses on the muscles of the neck and shoulders area to relieve tense shoulders or ease a pinched nerve. The back-neck-shoulder massage alleviates back pain or neck pain commonly acquired from a wrong sleeping position, wrong sitting position, a lack of physical activity and long hours sitting in front of a screen or a day at gardening and such unusual activities.


The neck, back and shoulders massage can help amongst other:

  • To relieve tension in the neck and shoulder muscles
  • To reduce migraine or avoid it
  • To release a pinched muscle
  • To gain mobility back within the shoulders and arms

Our feet, which carry our weight all day long, allows locomotion and is continuously under stress, are the least taken care part of our body. To take care of them and keep them strong and flexible, a reflexology foot massage is most indicated.

Reflexology is an ancient healing practice, based on the principle that there are reflex points on the feet that links to the organs and glands. When pressure is applied on these reflexes points, benefits can be obtained in the specific and targeted organs and glands.


The reflexology massage can help amongst other:

  • Improves blood circulation
  • Fights depression
  • Helps in relaxation and provide a feeling of resting
  • Promotes better sleep
  • Specific benefits can be obtained depending on the reflex points the therapist will focus on

Neck, Back, Shoulders or reflexology foot massage



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