lomi lomi massage

Lomi Lomi massages are most indicated for anyone in need of relaxation that want to escape from the outside world hectics and stress by enjoying a peaceful and relaxing massage. Typically, Lomi Lomi massages are known for long, flowing, dance-like strokes, using the forearms and generously applying coconut oil (ours are scent free organic oils). Gentle stretches and joint rotations will be part of your massage.


The Lomi Lomi Massage can help amongst other: 

  • Helps stopping muscle spams and strokes, directed aways from the hearth release tension
  • Benefits for the lymphatic system
  • Unblocks energy flow and improve circulation


Lomi Lomi Massage

For the ones in need of  deep and full relaxation

60 Minutes CHF 110
90 Minutes CHF 155
120 Minutes CHF 190
Lomi Lomi Massage