Thai Warrior Massage

The Thai Warrior Massage is an ancient traditional Thai therapy dating before the 13th century. It was used to heal injured warriors returning from the battle field. The modern and unique Thai Warrior Massage and Thai Hermit exercises have been combined by Master Jack Sharman in Thailand. The combination of rhythmic massage, acupressure, gentle twisting and deep stretching aids the tensions relieve and promote the balance of life force energy circulation in the body. We are one of the few to have been certified after many training sessions directly with Master Jack Sharman.


The Thai Warrior Massage helps amongst other with:

  • Reducing joints and muscle pains after intense physical activity
  • Regaining mobility and balance
  • Rebalancing your life force energy
  • Improving physical performance 



Thai Warrior Massage

The unique mix of Thai Massage and Yoga

60 Minutes CHF 100
90 Minutes CHF 140
120 Minutes CHF 175
Thai Warrior Massage