spartan Sports treatment

The Spartan Sports Treatment has been especially developed for athletes that need support in the recovery phase. Amateurs of professionals sportsmen's can benefit from this treatment. It is a combination of Deep Tissue Massage and Hot/Cold Stone Massage techniques. We will work together applying classic massage techniques and adapt them to your needs, in line with the type of sports you practice and at which intensity. In addition, special attention will be paid to prevent of recover from muscle spams and aches. It mobilises joints and soft tissues to align and strengthen them.


The Spartan Sports Treatment can help amongst other: 

  • Loosening tired and stiff muscles
  • Promoting blood flow to the muscle to remove lactic 
  • Helping maintaining flexibility
  • Preventing and recovering from injuries


Spartan Sports Treatment

The massage for athletes, pre and post events

120 Minutes CHF 175
Spartan Sports Treatment